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What is OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions?


OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management for SAP Solutions (also known as OpenText Extended ECM for SAP, SAP xECM by OpenText, OpenText xECM for SAP, SAP ECM, Extended ECM ) is a complete enterprise content management solution that is optimized to integrate deeply with your SAP landscape. With this application, any unstructured content of any sort can be managed throughout its lifecycle. More importantly, the content can be associated with any SAP transaction or object. Because SAP extended ECM provides this crucial link between unstructured content and business suite applications, the value of an organization’s content drastically increases as it gains relevance, which is provided by the context of the business process that the content supports.


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With OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions, content is transparently integrated with other leading applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 or any other enterprise software. With integrations, the content services platform bridges content silos and business processes to allow information to flow effortlessly across applications.

Extended ECM Platform leverages an organization’s investment in its enterprise content management software and other applications while improving transparency and insight to enable informed decisions, speed business processes, and make users happy.

Article: 360-degree view of your business with OpenText xECM


OpenText Extended ECM Business Benefits

All-In-One Solution For Your Entire Team

Improved process efficiency

Accelerates cycle time by automating manual tasks, simplifying access and improving content collaboration. Gain efficiency from both the lead application and enterprise content management tools.

Better productivity

Offers users a 360-degree view of both structured and unstructured business content from a single interface, providing content in context without the need to switch between different applications.

Streamlined innovation and time-to-revenue

Transforms business models and digitizes value chains with an integrated approach to ECM that extends content services into the organization’s foundational technology environment.

Intelligent insight

Delivers deeper insight into product, customer, supplier or asset performance through integrated data and content analytics for improved decision-making.

Mitigate compliance risk

Automatically applies metadata and classifications transparently in the background, without end-user intervention.

One version of the truth

Centralized repository for all business content regardless of the origin or source ensures that all stakeholders are working with the most current and relevant content.



sap extended ecm for sap by opentext solution architecture; xecm for sap components

OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions Architecture


  • Extended ECM for SAP Solution – extensive content management and records management inside of SAP business processes;

  • SAP ArchiveLink interface – store and retrieve SAP data archiving files, incoming documents and outgoing documents.

  • SAP ILM – support and store SAP Information Lifecycle Management data archiving files for secure retention and holds on SAP data and documents and execute deletion;

  • CMIS interface – store and retrieve any content in the CMIS interface;

  • Enterprise scan – high-performance scan client, which enables the digitization, indexing and archiving of large quantities of paper documents;

  • DocuLink – ABAP module that enables flexible configuration of business process views or 360-degree views (e.g., customer folder, supplier folder, etc.);

  • SAP ArchiveLink PLUS – advanced features for ArchiveLink documents that go beyond the standard capabilities, such as additional attributes and an enhanced attachment list with thumbnail preview;

  • Business Object Browser – configurable Fiori app that provides access to content in the context of SAP business objects while browsing the SAP relationships of business objects;

  • Archive Center Proxyprovides the interface for the archiving cloud service and encryption and caching;

  • Imaging Windows Viewer – document viewer for the Microsoft®  Windows® environment with notes and annotation capabilities;

  • Imaging Web Viewerzero-installation server-based document viewer for displaying documents in web-based scenarios, with notes and annotation capabilities;

  • OpenText DesktopLink –  archive and link documents to SAP business objects from any Open Document Management API compatible desktop application;

  • OpenText Imaging ExchangeLink and OpenText  Imaging NotesLink – links archived Microsoft® Exchange email and attachments, as well as IBM Notes objects, to SAP business objects;

  • Document Pipelinesenables high-volume import of documents for SAP or CMIS scenarios;

  • My Archive – access archived CMIS documents independently from the originating application;

  • Access – access the CMIS archive to search and export information.


OpenText Extended ECM Success Story: 

Continental Resources, a top 10 independent oil producer in the U.S and a leader in America’s energy renaissance, is one of Ecodocx’s most loyal customers. Members of both companies cooperate nimbly like one team, and this allows Continental Resources to always be one of the first to take advantage of many new features and innovative technologies, streamline their operations, and thereby save a lot of time and cost on OpenText system administration, maintenance, and support.

In this video, Scott Wallace, IT Advisor of Continental Resources, explains how OpenText solutions helped to improve operational efficiency by enhancing document generation and management processes within SAP applications.

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OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Services


We provide services for all versions and parts of OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. But before providing any type of services, we work with you to clarify objectives. We help you define which requirements you must meet including those around your scope, budget, and schedule. We explore multiple and agile ways to solve your problem and help you decide which solution is best.


OpenText Extended ECM services overview

Advisory and Consulting Services

Need some advice on your existing or future OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions application? Do you have a concern, or would simply like to hear the feedback from a professional service provider? We offer advisory sessions as a yearly subscription service or a one-time service. 


Extended ECM Training

Our team provides general and custom training sessions for all versions of OpenText ECM, where we provide knowledge transfer, and share best practices. We also do OpenText crash courses for business and technical users and administrators. Your team can get training at your location, at our location in Boston MA, or remote during WebEx sessions. 




Providing Added Value in Different Industries

  • Finance & Banking
    Our solutions streamline business processes of financial and banking institutions, such as external financial auditing, new client acquisition, loan processing, human resources, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. They help to stay regulatory compliant and increase security.


  • Healthcare
    By implementing our solutions to existing EMR systems, healthcare facilities can not only extend their capabilities but also provide faster and better patient care.
  • Energy & Utilities
    Our solutions help global energy and utilities to digitize operations, access mission-critical content in real-time, improve operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, minimize operational and financial risk, and improve bottom-line profitability.


  • Insurance
    Solutions provided by Ecodocx help to automate manual processes, enhance client service, minimize time spent processing claims, be more responsive to policyholders, and real-time access to forms, claims, EOBs, invoices, reports, charts and medical images, and more can enable more informed patient care and better healthcare decisions.



Why choose us?

Find out why several Fortune Global 500 leaders and hundreds of local SMBs have been working with Ecodocx for more than a decade to optimize their OpenText solutions.

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