What’s new in OpenText Content Suite Platform 20.2 and Extended ECM 20.2?


Last Wednesday the OpenText Enterprise World Digital conference took place – the purely digital version. The “real” version, which was supposed to happen last week in Prague, was transformed in light of the COVID19 situation.

We at Ecodocx “attended” the show and had a look at the breakout sessions as well. Let us give you a short overview of the most important topics, as well as the news around Content Suite Platform and Extended ECM Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2.


What’s new in Extended ECM Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2?


The integration between Content Services and business applications becomes a priority as architectures get hybrid and fragmented. The new release is trying to face today’s user’s major challenges: ensure that processes and business decisions leverage all information (structured data and unstructured content);  develop broader and deeper integrations between content and data; and reduce manual tasks to transfer data and content. Therefore, OpenText Extended ECM expands and delivers richer integration into SAP S4/HANA, SAP C4/HANA, SAP Success Factors and Microsoft 365.



The expanded integration of Extended ECM into SAP S/4HANA and C/4HANA  is focusing on the continuous data and Information flow. Here are some highlights:

  • Implementation of well-established Extended ECM Practices for SAL C/4HANA Sales Cloud, which include automated WS Creation and linkage with Business Relations, sales Cloud data propagation to Workspaces and permission inheritance
  • Additional Sales Cloud Workspaces can be implemented based on SPI
  • New cross-Application Workspaces with S/4HANA
  • OpenText Document Presentment can be now integrated into C/4HANA for SAP CPQ


The integration of Extended ECM and SAP Success Factors focuses on coordinated document centered workflows and event-based document generation. A few highlights of the updates:

  • Extended ECM Workspace Completeness Check
  • In Extended ECM Self-Service users can now access additional overviews, such as missing and outdated documents reports. They can also drag & drop missing documents and automatically create document approval assignments.
  • The Extended ECM Inbox was enhanced by an approval queue and screen as well as the ability to automatically publish approved documents in Employee Workspace 
  • Rules-based document validity and expiry 
  • Event action center is available in Smart View UI for business administrator
  • Business administrators can configure document generation action in Event Action Center’s action plan.
  • Actions are started synchronously upon receiving the events from SAP SuccessFactors


      Within the new release, OpenText also expanded the integration of Extended ECM to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Here are some of the highlights:

      • Connect SAP Business Information and Records into Collaboration on Microsoft Teams
      • Include Office 365 documents into Extended ECM Workspaces
      • Any collaborative result, meetings, online sessions, co-authored documents, can immediately be stored into the workspace and thus attached the related SAP Business Object and Processes 


      What’s new in Content Suite Platform Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2?


      Compliance, security and data protection pose many challenges for many companies. Businesses face a variety of challenges related to the ever-increasing amount of data and documents. Here are some of the challenges the new version wants to face: resurgence due to laws and growing privacy concerns; Need to manage risk, understand and review end-user behavior; How to ensure that end-users remain productive while respecting privacy and security. 

      The functional updates of Content Suite Platform 20.2 run under the keyword Digital Business & Digital Workspace. Here they are at a glance:

      • The new smart view  streamlines the audit process, offers more transparent document versioning, as well as allows to personalize search results and landing page 
      • Now with version 20.2 preparing for an audit becomes much easier with an overview of audit events,  efficiency reviews through pagination, sorting and filtering and foundational audit interest settings.
      • Advanced versioning improvements in Content Server Smart View allow multiple users to edit/update a single document. New document versions can be added as minor versions and only users, which are allowed to add versions, will be able to see minor versions. Also, the final version can be promoted to a major version. And this way, users with „See contents“ permissions see the major/final version.



      • The search results display can be personalized and saved as a template. Users can have many different search result templates and switch between them as needed.
      • The brows view can now be personalized as well and the configurations can be done by the end-users via a user-friendly UI.
      • Another cool feature is the ability to easily personalize the landing pages in OpenText Content Server. Administrators can pre-configure as many role-based landing pages as needed. On top of that, users can continue changing their landing pages per their needs. For example, they can change the order of widgets, hide the unneeded widgets, or create new shortcut groups.
      • Also, on top of that, records management becomes smarter with new enhancements:  



      Intelligent automation is playing a key role in driving digital transformation. Therefore the new release 20.2 allows users to automatically store incoming documents in context with Intelligent Capture and Extended ECM, store emails from Outlook and continue with the follow-up process, and automate document signing process with DocuSign.



      This year, OpenText Enterprise World Digital made information much more accessible to a bigger number of people thanks to free online access. These are all the updates related to Content Suite Platform and Extended ECM 20.2. We still have some breakout sessions we plan to highlight within our OpenText Blog ahead of me. Subscribe to our blog, and stay tuned. We will keep you posted.


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