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OpenText Content Server is part of the OpenText Content Suite Platform, the foundation for OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings. Content Server provides a secure department and/or enterprise-wide control over any document type, including contracts, engineering drawings, reports, emails, images, rich media and much more. The Content Suite Platform ensures agile information governance to address an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscape and the rapid growth of business information. The Content Suite Platform reduces risk while allowing organizations to focus on using information to drive strategic growth and innovation. 

OpenText Content Server Product Support Livecycle: OpenText Content Server 21.1 is supported until November 2025. OpenText Content Server 16.0 is supported until March 2021. OpenText Content Server 10.5 and elder versions are end of support. OpenText LiveLink is not supported anymore. For upgrade assistance, contact Ecodocx.




Are You Ready for the End of Support of Your OpenText ECM Products?


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Business Benefits

Content Server in OpenText Content Suite 16

Designed with user productivity in mind, a new intuitive user interface for OpenText Content Suite 16 and OpenText Extended ECM 16 offers a simple, responsive design, with role-based views today’s knowledge workers expect. Integrated collaboration improves and enriches the user experience, empowering users with instant access to valuable context to facilitate decision making and effectiveness.

Content is readily accessible from the desktop or mobile devices to extend content creation and sharing outside the Enterprise without compromising control. This OpenText ECM solution offers the following business benefits:

  • Access to content anytime, anywhere in an interface as simple
    to use as consumer apps
  • Role-based views that minimize training requirements and
    align content to business process
  • Quick and easy content creation and editing through
    productivity tools like Microsoft® Office, Microsoft Outlook®,
    or Adobe® Acrobat®
  • Social features delivered in-line with content to improve
    collaboration and enrich search
  • Simple content navigation through a variety of means, from
    faceted browse to project workspaces
  • Improved productivity through the use of workflows for
    processes such as change requests, or review and approval
    of content
  • Robust, multi-lingual metadata capabilities to address needs
    of global users
  • Comprehensive version management, audit history, and
    permissions management



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Our Customers





OpenText Content Server Services


Ecodocx offers OpenText Content Server (formerly LiveLink) services and enables customers a secure, centrally managed content repository, providing unified control over all types of content across the enterprise.

opentext content server services

OpenText Content Server Advisory and Consulting Services

Need some advice on your existing OpenText Content Server? Do you have a concern, or would simply like to hear the feedback from a professional service provider? We offer advisory sessions as a yearly subscription service or a one-time service. 


OpenText Content Server Product Training

Our team provides general and custom training sessions for all versions of OpenText ECM, where we provide knowledge transfer, and share best practices. We also do OpenText crash courses for business and technical users and administrators. Your team can get training at your location, at our location in Boston MA, or remote during WebEx sessions. 





Providing Added Value in Different Industries
with OpenText Solutions

  • Finance & Banking
    Our solutions streamline business processes of financial and banking institutions, such as external financial auditing, new client acquisition, loan processing, human resources, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. They help to stay regulatory compliant and increase security.


  • Healthcare
    By implementing our solutions to existing EMR systems, healthcare facilities can not only extend their capabilities but also provide faster and better patient care.
  • Energy & Utilities
    Our solutions help global energy and utilities to digitize operations, access mission-critical content in real-time, improve operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, minimize operational and financial risk, and improve bottom-line profitability.


  • Insurance
    Solutions provided by Ecodocx help to automate manual processes, enhance client service, minimize time spent processing claims, be more responsive to policyholders, and real-time access to forms, claims, EOBs, invoices, reports, charts and medical images, and more can enable more informed patient care and better healthcare decisions.




Customer Success Stories



opentext content server case study


Improved the storage and retrieval of generated transaction documents. Migrated more than 24 million of data pieces from legacy ECM systems.


opentext content sever case study


Improving efficiency by upgrading document generation and management within SAP with OpenText solutions.


opentext case srudy


Helping a telecom billing and customer care provider to increase the value of invoices, making them easier to read and understand.





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