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Automate Logistics Document Creation, Generation and Delivery


Transport and logistics companies create numerous documents every day. Offers, invoices and dunning letters must be composed. These business transactions also occur in other companies. However, transport & logistics companies often create packing lists, summary declarations, declarations, cargo manifests, transport, and other shipping documents. Sometimes the company’s staff needs to add an attachment to a created document. 

The created documents with their attachments need to be printed, or sent via email, mail, fax or stored in a defined directory. Also, labels for sending the goods must be issued. The collection of all shipping documents takes a lot of time. All these business documents are referred to as output, which requires professional management. Automating these steps helps to minimize errors caused by manual handling.

By automating the document-related work steps in a company, employees can concentrate on their main tasks rather than on searching for needed documents for a long time manually. In other words, logistics and transport companies want to reduce fifty mouse clicks to five.


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Our solution integrates seamlessly with all of your business systems. This includes existing legacy applications, making it easy to leverage your existing document templates and data to create highly standardized, personalized, relevant communications across all communication channels.