Customer Communications Management (CCM) Solutions for Healthcare

Digitize patient communications to cut labor costs,
improve document management processes and
help deliver smarter & faster patient care.

Helping healthcare providers

to access critical information in time

“Time matters” especially in healthcare facilities, which mainly focus on providing help to patients and speed up their healing process. In order to be able to offer the best services in the shortest manner of time, hospitals and other healthcare institutions require instant access to medical records, test results, and other clinical documents. Document solutions for healthcare provided by Ecodocx build a trusted tool for document-related working steps. They bring the digital workflow into the daily routine of medical staff, allowing to send and receive critical information when and how they need it, securely save important data and easily retrieve information when you need it.



Consolidating all information sources and communications into one smart and user-friendly platform

Workflow solutions from Ecodocx make cooperation within companies easier and ensure that only approved documents leave the company and that all elements of the outgoing documents achieve brand integrity. If, for example, the legal department has released new insurance conditions, it must be ensured that these are automatically added to all new contracts from a certain key date.

Our customer correspondence solutions equally suit all common process models of document creation: interactivity, personalization, automated on-demand, and high volume document output, and offer the following benefits:

  • Centralizing communications to increase efficiency
  • Automate manual steps and eliminating operational silos
  • Ensure brand integrity
  • Enable next-gen communications
  • Archive ROI considerations
  • Integrate with legacy systems
  • Stay compliant to horizontal and vertical requirements



Healthcare Transpromo:
Targeted Multi-Channel Experience

Impressive reach. Streamlined customer experience.
Increasing pressure to reduce business costs and customer churn.

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Using complicated document output infrastructure can be often frustrating, ineffective, time-consuming and expensive. According to the latest research, up to 50% of calls to help desk are related to printing and faxing problems. Most likely your IT staff is trying to make everything work by doing it’s best to meet the high expectations using old technology.

Would you simplify your output infrastructure and reduce costs if you could? Here is how we can help:

  • Streamline document creation and delivery workflows by creating document approval, user access, post-processing, sorting & bundling processes.
  • Make the document related work steps structured and standardized by providing easy to use tools for everyday document-related tasks.
  • Simplify document management so your workers have fewer issues. Improve uptime and queue management across the whole institution



Capture Patient Information and Automate Processes

Quickly collect the information you need using our intuitive, flexible electronic forms software. eForms are accessible anywhere, anytime from all kinds of devices — and submitted data is available instantly across your organization.

  • e-Signature: Capture signatures using e-forms at the point of need — eliminating the need to use paper and pens. Our software works on any device and complements your other solutions.


  • Process Automation: Automatically deliver information to the people and systems that need them using our flexible workflow capabilities. Our software adapts to your unique business needs, processes and can automate steps based on information entered in a form.


  • Integration: Unify your data collection approach—prefilling eForms with content from virtually any source and sending submitted eForms and data into other systems automatically. Interoperability ensures your routines are complete, secure and automated.
Download Datasheet Blog: e-Forms in Healthcare