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Introducing OpenText Services for Utilities by Ecodocx


Ecodocx is a leader in providing OpenText services to Energy & Utility (E&U) organizations, particularly SAP customers. We provide this to key players in Energy, Water and Gas and across the entire portfolio from Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Retail. 

Over the last two decades, we’ve been focusing on helping Electricity, Gas, and Water Utility providers to make the most of their investment into SAP and OpenText solutions by providing premium high-quality implementation, upgrade, development, training, managed support, and advisory services

We tightly cooperate with SAP/OpenText product managers, professional service teams, and support teams, and we’re often invited into projects because of our deep expertise.

While both SAP and OpenText, have divisions that can implement their respective solutions, we at Ecodocx, are a pure service company. Therefore, we take the time to understand the challenges Utility providers face, bring best practice approaches, and make sure our customers get the most out of their investment in SAP and OpenText software products.

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