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About Ecodocx



The World’s #1 OpenText Services Provider

Why have SMBs and Fortune 500 leaders around the globe chosen Ecodocx for their OpenText projects? Best practices, intelligent technologies, leadership in custom solutions for different verticals, and two decades of innovation.




About Ecodocx

Ecodocx is a software development and consulting company as well as a certified OpenText and SAP service provider. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and has two delivery centers in Europe (Ukraine and Estonia).

We have a product focus on Customer Experience Management (CEM, CCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), particularly with SAP, and an industry focus on utilities, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, pharma, finance, energy, and telecommunications.

Since 2009 we have formed strategic partnerships with a variety of global industry leaders including StreamServe, OpenText, SAP, Sysco, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, Ecolab, Continental Resources, The Metropolitan District Commission of Connecticut, and over 100 other Fortune 500 leaders, as well as medium and large-scale businesses.





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60% of customers are fortune 500 leaders

Successfully Delivered Projects

100% customers stay with us after first  OpenTextproject

of Customers Stay Loyal after First Cooperation

60% of customers are fortune 500 leaders

of Customer are Fortune 500 Leaders

20 Years of Excellence in SAP/OpenText Industry

Years of Excellence in SAP/OpenText Industry




Why Work with Ecodocx?



Authorized OpenText Partner

Ecodocx is a certified OpenText Services Silver Partner with a product focus on Customer Experience Management (CEM, CCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), particularly with SAP, and industry focus on Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharma, Finance, Energy, and Telecommunications.

Our clients come from around the globe: North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. We provide a wide variety of services, including onsite consulting, staff augmentation, support, and offshore development.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our OpenText and SAP colleagues on strategy, implementation, and custom coding.


150+ Years of Experience in OpenText Services

Ecodocx was founded by industry experts, that previously worked directly for OpenText Global Services Centers and StreamServe in the United States and Europe, offering R&D, consulting services, and product support.

Each of our employees has a minimum of 5 years of industry experience. Together we have over 150+ years of cumulative experience.


Team of Certified OpenText Experts

All our experts are certified by OpenText and have great experience delivering onsite and remote professional services, custom development and coding, product integration, database services, and network connectivity.

Our experts have implemented and maintained OpenText solutions in various industries, such as utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance, telecom, etc. Most of our employees are experienced OpenText alumni from RnD, product support, and global services.


Convenient Business Locations 

We deliver an individual approach to each and every customer by having office locations in the United States and in Europe, by cooperating tightly with local industry experts around the globe, and by traveling to each customer onsite. We make sure our employees work in a family-like atmosphere, enjoy coming to the office and have everything needed to be maximum productive.

We value long-lasting and tight business relationships, and always respect agreements and commitments. We are proud to work with several leading industry experts and Fortune 100 companies for almost a decade. 




“We originate from a dream to assemble an “all-star team” that lasts. A company that lives on through succeeding generations and our customers’ successes. An intense organization, with a family atmosphere, eager and warm, demonstrating commitment with a cooperative spirit and a strong sense of teamwork.”, 




Our Customers

Trusted by both – Fortune 500 Companies and Small Local Businesses

Business Values and Goals


Ecodocx office building in Boston Massachusetts on Milk Street

Focus on customers, drive innovation, promote teamwork and streamline sustainable success – are the foundation on which Ecodocx is built.  

“Ecodocx” stands for “economical documents”. We help companies around the globe to reduce document creation, distribution, management and archive costs by successfully digitizing and automating their business processes.

During each project, our experts become part of our customers’ team. We run a business analysis with each customer. This helps us to offer a tailored solution for each individual work process of every department of the company. We cooperate, help and support our customers even after all processes have been tested, all employees have been trained and all systems have gone live.


Ecodocx company history

Ecodocx was incorporated in 2009 by Tien-Tien Lai, a former StreamServe (now OpenText) employee. In 2012, Oleksandr Matichyn joined Ecodocx, after running an OpenText Global Services office in Europe for eight years. Together, they assembled an “all-star team” to deliver consulting services and business solutions to customers across many verticals around the world. As a result, most of Ecodocx’s team consists of employees, which used to work for OpenText Professional Services or R&D, before joining Ecodocx. 

The company currently has office locations in North America and Europe. The employees are tightly integrated, collaborate nimbly, and have earned a solid reputation for quality delivery and creativity with their client base.

Our team members are experienced in modern OpenText software development, installation, implementation, migration, customization, deployment, upgrade, integration, maintenance, and managed support methodologies.

Over the last two decades, our company built a strong customer base in the following industries: Utility, Insurance, Chemicals, Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, and Public Sector.