Case Study: Ericsson

OpenText StreamServe professional services and custom development for many telecom customers of Ericsson.



Industry: Telecom | Customer: LHS (Division of Ericsson) | Solutions: OpenText Exstream, Ericsson Billing solution (formerly BSCS iX billing and customer care software).


Ericsson teams up with Ecodocxs to implement OpenText Exstream/StreamServe and integrate it with Ericsson Billing software for a large number of telecom companies

About Ericsson

LHS, a division of the Ericsson Group is one of the leading independent software providers for billing and customer care systems for the telecommunications sector. Ericsson’s solutions have won many awards and are used around the world by leading network operators to provide consistent management and protection of revenue structures.

The division offers full convergence on different levels and supports all business models for both landline and mobile network services as well as for prepaid and postpaid services. LHS develops innovative systems which enable customers to introduce new services quickly with minimal running costs and therefore to increase their profits and minimize operational expenses.

LHS is based in Frankfurt am Main, and has other offices in Brazil, France, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.


The Challenge

Back in 2009, the LHS division of Ericsson has signed an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partnership agreement with StreamServe (now OpenText). The company added the StreamServe output management solution to the Ericsson Billing solution (formerly BSCS iX billing and customer care software).

The main goal of this partnership was to allow Ericsson customers to increase the value of their invoices thanks to simple composition and flexible form design.

LHS quickly understood that they will need some external help when implementing the StreamServe solution on the customer’s side. The company started looking for options, and decided to collaborate with an external OpenText service provider.






The Evaluation and Solution

During the selection process, Ericsson evaluated different market players, and rated Ecodocx as most suitable for this job because of the following aspects:

  • Technical background (a lot of Ecodocx team members are former StreamServe and OpenText employees; all experts are certified)
  • Experience providing professional services and custom development to StreamServe customers and OEM partners
  • Ability to work in an agile way (on-site, remote and hybrid) based on each customers requirements
  • Team size scalability 
  • Adaptive and efficient customer support


Also, the degree of dedication and amount of positive references from customers was significantly higher than what other service providers, that were also evaluated during market research, offered.


Results and Business Benefits

LHS and Ecodocx worked on delivering output management solutions to Ericsson Billing customers, such as TIM Brasil, Digicel Jamaica, and others.

By partnering with Ecodocx, LHS was able to help their customers to get the most of their strategic investments into Ericsson Billing solutions. Together, both teams provided quick and efficient StreamServe implementations, and integrations with multiple data sources.

As a result, the customers were able to benefit from greater control over content for regulatory compliance, and to streamline document-related business processes by automating business workflows through a single platform for the design, management and omnichannel distribution of customer communications.

LHS knew that a lot of their users, especially the younger ones, prefer digital communications that are delivered to their desktop and mobile devices via email, text messages, web portals, and, increasingly, mobile apps. On the other side, some folks still want to receive their telecom bill via paper mail. With the provided StreamSErve solution, LHS was able to address the needs of all.

After all these years LHS, a division of the Ericsson Group, remains one of Ecodocx’s loyal customers for many years. Both companies still work on a project-by-project basis to “drive innovation and expand what’s possible”.


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