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Ecodocx provides custom OpenText Exstream training courses, which are 100% based on our 20+years of experience implementing and enhancing OpenText Exstream (including Document Presentment, StreamServe, Exstream Design and Production).

Ensuring that your employees (e.g. OpenText application support team, customer service representative, marketing specialists, human resource managers, legal experts) know how to benefit from your Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions is an essential part of any training class provided by Ecodocx.

Therefore, unlike standard OpenText workshops, our OpenText training classes teach you those skills you need on an everyday basis. Our training classes are adjusted to your team’s unique knowledge base, business requirements, and product usage behavior. Both general processes and customer-specific applications may be discussed. We help you to take advantage of all the capabilities of OpenText Exstream and its modules.

As part of our on-site or remote (online live) training sessions, we provide professional OpenText Exstream tutorials for beginners and experienced users, OpenText Exstream product documentation with user guides and a certificate of completion will be provided to help your team continue following recommended instructions while maintaining the in-house OpenText solutions.



Why OpenText Exstream Training from Ecodocx?


Customized learning

Our OpenText Exstream training sessions are delivered in traditional classrooms, or in virtual live sessions. We provide concrete practical knowledge that is needed on an everyday basis.


Hands-on best practices

Classes are taught by experts who have an average of 15 years experience working within the OpenText ecosystem. They are trusted advisors, and bring hands-on experience implementing and using OpenText applications in real-world business environments.
We offer detailed and hands-on course content based on exceptional best practices, developed by a team of certified experts, who have worked for OpenText Professional services for many years, and continue working closely with OpenText product managers, engineers, and professional services experts. 

Building knowledge for the agile future

The investment in Ecodocx’s OpenText Exstream training courses will deliver the latest innovative best practices to make each customer’s team more efficient from day one.


All in one customizable training

Our training workshops can cover: desktop applications (StoryTeller, Communications Builder, Designer, Design Manager, Control Center), web applications (Workshop & Storyboard, Retouch, Empower, Content Author, Supervisor, Control, Communications Designer), Communications Server (Input connectors, Filters, Production Engine, Output Connectors, Filters, Document Broker, Post-Processing), shared services (Management Gateway, Service Gateway, Exstream repository, Common Asset Services CAS), migration tools ( Data Capture, Rule Analyzer, Output Compare, and Output Batch Compare).


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