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Industry: Utility | Customer: PSEG | Solutions: OpenText Exstream


Ecodocx Provided Custom OpenText Exstream Training Course for PSEG Business and Tech Teams

Here at Ecodocx, we specialize in custom OpenText services, including learning experiences. Our training sessions are uniquely tailored to reflect each client’s unique staff knowledge base and inspire their team members to deliver the desired in-house expertise. We offer onsite and remote training sessions to meet each customer’s tight schedule.  We inspire our expert trainers to roll out these programs, both on the team level and on an organization-wide, national level. Check out this case study to learn about how our custom OpenText Exstream training program has helped PSEG employees become output management ambassadors within their organizations.




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About PSEG

Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) is a Fortune 500 Company and New Jersey’s largest provider of electric and gas service, serving 1.8 million gas customers and 3.3 million electric customers in New Jersey and New York.

The utility owns and operates 19 power plants in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and 36 solar energy facilities in New Jersey and eight other states.



Custom OpenText All-in-one Training in a Week

PSEG’s OpenText team was lucky to schedule a custom OpenText training class in Ecodocx’s office in Boston Downtown. By customizing the training for PSEG business and tech teams, Ecodocx was able to save the team excessive time out of the office by combining 20 years of industry expertise, pertinent information from several off-the-shelf courses and delivering it for them in a single week training session. Thanks to the efficient agenda planning that included the existing environment, in-house expertise, and challenge analysis, the team was able to gain maximum value from minimum invested time.


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The Situation & Challenge

Not so long ago we had the opportunity to work with a PSEG’s OpenText Exstream system support team. This client approached us and asked us to design and deliver detailed OpenText Exstream training. 

At the time of training, PSEG was using an older version of OpenText Exstream for several years. The system was mostly supported by a third-party service provider as the in-house technical and business users experienced a lack of expertise in this field. The company wasn’t really benefiting from all the functionality and features of their customer communications management and output management solution. The technical team didn’t really understand the architecture of their solution, and how to make needed modifications to existing applications, or how to create new applications from scratch. The business users didn’t understand how OpenText Exstream can help them speed up the daily customer-facing tasks and reduce manual tasks and human error rate to a minimum. The cooperation with the third-party service provider was frustrating and time-consuming. Each minor change took a lot of time. Therefore, the team decided to become more independent.

The critical element in the training was to ensure it was aligned with their company values, daily business requirements, different knowledge degrees of technical and business users, as well as customer experience goals. We didn’t want to deliver just general training based on their forms and applications. Our goal was to understand how they work, what challenges and struggles they have to deal with, and how to revolve these with the existing solution. Basically, we were helping PSEG to make the most of their strategic investment into the OpenText product.



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The Solution & Results

To create the custom OpenText Exstream class, we immersed ourselves in the client’s environment and learned all that we could about the staff’s daily challenges and struggles. Ecodocx understood that they would have to deliver training for technical and business users. Based on all the received information, Ecodocx created a custom class with an overall training duration of 5 days.

After negotiating the training agenda, Ecodocx offered two training locations: PSEG’s office, or Ecodocx’s office. PSEG’s team decided to visit Boston and take the class at Ecodocx’s office.

During the Exstream training sessions, PSEG got a high-level overview of Exstream to familiarize itself with the available components, system architecture, and product features. The team learned how to create utility billing statements and correspondence templates, by using design elements typical for PSEG templates.

Also, PSEG got a high-level overview of common tasks performed by OpenText Exstream system administrators. The training participants configured the objects needed to manage design users, enforce corporate standards and design consistency, and set up document workflow processes.

As a result, PSEG’s team got a perfect understanding of their in-house system and running applications. Thanks to the efficient agenda planning that included the existing environment, in-house expertise, and challenge analysis, the team was able to gain maximum value from minimum invested time.

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