Achieving better CEM with OpenText Exstream

Customer Experience Management (CEM) has become a key point of differentiation in many industries today. Forrester Research has shown that customer experience leaders achieve over five times the year-on-year revenue growth of laggards. To meet customer expectation, you need to deliver a highly personalized customer experience at each stage of the customer journey. In this blog post, We want to look at the key benefits an enterprise-wide CEM software solution will bring to your company.


What is customer experience management (CEM)?

Gartner describes CEM as ‘the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy’. This somewhat dry definition needs a little bit of further clarification by taking each word in turn:

  • Customer – No customer experience strategy will succeed without a clear understanding of each individual customer. The power of the best CEM software is its ability to create a single view of the customer so that you really know what their likes, preferences, and habits.
  • Experience – You have to understand that the customer experience is as much emotional as it is logical. The customer experience you deliver has to be just that – an experience. It can’t simply be a series of well-crafted customer interactions.
  • Management – A successful customer experience strategy will focus on the entire customer journey. It will bring together and empower sales, marketing, support and customer service to collaborate, share information and produce a consistent, unified customer experience for each individual customer.

How can you achieve better customer experience management with OpenText solutions? Let’s take a look at OpenText Exstream.


Achieving better CEM with OpenText Exstream

OpenText Exstream is a new solution pack provided by OpenText. This bundle combines a series of different components, such as the former OpenText StreamServe/CCE, the acquired HP Exstream, the acquired PowerDocs from Legodo AG.

While Powerdocs was unique, as it was a web-based SaaS document generation solution, created from the customer relationship management (CRM) offering from Salesforce, Exstream and StreamServe/CCE solutions happened to be very similar. After the acquisition of HP Exstream, many HP Exstream and OpenText StreamServe/CCE customers started wondering what would happen with their solution.

Market experts had different visions of what will happen next – OpenText will phase out one of the products, keep both alive, or the two solutions would be merged into one product. The third scenario happened to be the right one.

OpenText brought together these market-leading Customer Communications Systems into a single platform, and created a powerful solution that allows delivering interactive, automated and unified communications supporting the evolution from CCM to holistic Customer Experience Management. This also meant another name change. Fortunately, both StreamServe/CCE and Exstream customers are now able to upgrade to OpenText Exstream 16.

Nowadays, OpenText Exstream is a powerful “Customer Communications Management (CCM) Anywhere” platform so you can engage anywhere, integrate anywhere and deploy anywhere for more connected customer journeys. Here are some highlighted benefits you’ll receive upon upgrading to Exstream 16:

  • New document creation, editing and processing options using OpenText Exstream solution pack.
  • Automated upgrade of Design Center projects and StoryTeller templates
  • Existing content will be preserved through the Common Asset Service (CAS)
  • OpenText Exstream is part of OpenText’s solution portfolio that comprises all the main CEM solutions


Ecodocx is supporting customers during their upgrade to OpenText Exstream 16 for about 2 years. To get a free consultation on an upgrade to OpenText Exstream, or how OpenText solutions can help you create a company-wide CEM platform to make sure you make the most of every customer interaction, contact us and we’ll be delighted to start the conversation.


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