Upgrading from Communications Center Enterprise & StreamServe
to OpenText Exstream

All you need to know

In the last couple of years OpenText actively expanded its CCM portfolio with its Communications Center (which includes previously acquired StreamServe and Actuate PowerDocs) and the addition of the former HP Exstream products in August of 2016, along with Document Sciences xPression through the recent 2017 close of its acquisition of Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division.


OpenText Exstream is the latest version of the OpenText CCM portfolio and combines all of the acquired solutions, that partly overlap with each other. The current solution package enhances customer engagement with personalized communication throughout different customer correspondence. It is designed to streamline and automate manual customer communications that include invoices, letters, statements, bills, and much more.


OpenText is in the process of rationalizing its portfolio. It is assumed that the Canadian software provider will offer a migration path for most of the customers in the near future.opentext streamserve to exstream upgrade

As for now, a lot of OpenText StreamServe customers have already moved to OpenText Exstream, or are in the process of migrating to this version. In the same time, there are a lot of companies, that still haven’t decided which way they need to go in order to meet their current and future business requirements.

This article was created specifically for these OpenText StreamServe customers, which are only in the process of building their future document strategy. There are a lot of details to consider before starting an upgrade project.


In this guide, we tried to cover all the most important aspects. You will learn about:

  • OpenText CCM support lifecycle
  • What can Communication Center Enterprise and StreamServe users expect from OpenText Exstream. OpenText Exstream vs. StreamServe
  • OpenText Exstream enhancements at a glance
  • OpenText Exstream architecture
  • Case Studies of successful upgrade projects

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