Traditional inserts vs.
innovative transpromo

Companies use different marketing strategies to set themselves apart from the competition. A traditional and well-known advertising form is the flyer. Flyers are used to make existing and potential customers aware of products and services. Flyers or leaflets are separate advertisements that are enclosed with transaction documents such as invoice, bank statement, newspaper or other publication.

Was this transpromo?

Nowadays, companies place their marketing messages directly on transaction documents. This type of marketing is called transpromotional or transpromo for short. This term refers to the use of shipping invoices or statements (so-called “transaction documents”) for further distribution and advertising purposes. In this case, advertising messages are not sent separately but printed on the remaining white spaces of the transaction document itself (white space management). The word transpromo is made up of the words “trans” from the word “transaction” and “promo” as an abbreviation of promotion, the English word for advertising. It enables a faster return on investments than its predecessors.


Transaction documents as a direct medium for customer communication

96 % of customers open their transaction documents on a regular base, unlike direct marketing messages on flyers, which are opened by only 26,3%. During the opening of an invoice, customers review the document carefully. Most of the recipients review it even more than once. Unlike separate advertising inserts, which the recipients can throw way, transactional documents force recipients to view the marketing message.

If a company creates multiple transaction documents every month, has a big number of customers, and wants to control its advertising campaigns from A to Z, it is more efficient to use its own software to create transactional documents and add commercial messages attached to the in-house database.

Ecodocx has used 10+ years of successful industry experience to develop user-friendly and efficient software that enables companies to increase customer loyalty through targeted promotions, thereby significantly increasing sales.

Our customer communications management solutions help companies to transform transaction documents into highly professional, personalized marketing and communication tools without the support of the IT department. This means that both individual departments, as well as entire large companies, can use this product for the automation and personalization of regular customer communication.

Your business benefits:

  • Easy

Thanks to the user-friendly design, this software can be used by authorized employees of different departments (for example, marketing, human resources and legal departments).

  • Economical

Marketing departments can use targeted advertising campaigns to present targeted offers to specific target groups, thereby not only saving marketing costs but also achieving a faster return on investment.

  • Transparent

Thanks to the sophisticated user interface, personalized messages of different size, shape, and type can be added to specific transaction documents over different durations. Companies decide themselves when, where their customers see which message.

  • Secure

Legal Department can use this solution to make sure that specific parts are added to contracts so that your documents always meet the legal requirements that apply to your industry.

  • Efficient

Transaction documents are opened by 95% of the recipients and read carefully several times. The combination of transaction documents and personalized messages, therefore, leads much faster to the desired success.

  • Economical

Unused white space in transaction documents is transformed into a customer loyalty tool that enhances the loyalty of existing customers.


If you’ve been thinking about strategies for increasing customer loyalty and sales, as well as cutting marketing costs in your business, if you’re looking for a new and convenient software for marketing, check out our Customer Communications Management solutions page. Request a consultation today to learn more about your opportunities and business benefits.

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