Pacific Northwest utility centralizes information management and optimizes customer engagement

Trusting Ecodocx to help you with your project can be very rewarding. See what happened when the Pacific Northwest Utility company turned to Ecodocx for help!

Delivering electric and natural gas service to almost 2 million customers, this US-based utility provider wanted to improve their customer communications, redesign their bills, upgrade and speed up their archiving needs, and allow their customers to stay connected the way they want to be connected. The company also wanted to centralize the way they stored documents.

All this seemed like a lifelong bucket list, however with the right tools from OpenText and the team that has the know-how from Ecodocx, the energy utility invested in the SAP-integrated information management solutions.

With OpenText Suite for SAP, featuring OpenText Document Presentment, OpenText Data Archiving, and OpenText Extended ECM, Ecodocx was able to achieve and exceed this utility company’s goals.

The OpenText Document Presentment allowed the energy provider to address their outdated document design, going from a simple black-and-white page to a two-page statement in color, complete with extensive graphs and other visual elements, making their bills easier for customers to read and understand. With Document Presentment Live, the company is also able to generate, deploy, and multichannel delivery of individualized customer communications and make ad-hoc changes within hours, wherein the past, simple changes would take days.

Data Archiving for SAP from OpenText changed the way the company retrieves and archives their data. The new archiving solution replaced almost 20 different solutions that this utility company was using and significantly improved the time of data retrieval from 3 minutes to a few seconds.

Lastly, with the modernized ecosystem, the company uses a single repository to manage all documents. With the tight integration with SAP S/4HANA, the company no longer needs multiple departmental platforms. during the migration process, all platforms that were used to store documents were replaced with only one throughout the whole enterprise.

All in all, positive changes are always possible with a little help from your friends at Ecodocx. Take this US-based utility company as an example. They accomplished their goals and now they dominate the market with the latest and greatest SAP-integrated Solutions by OpenText. The customers are happy, the business is thriving, what else can you ask for? So if you have a question or just want to talk, Ecodocx is here to help and listen. Let us know how can we turn your bucket list into a reality.

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