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Since 2009, Ecodocx has provided businesses worldwide with Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to boost enterprise efficiency. Following a thorough consultation and assessment, our business can help you choose the appropriate software or help boost the efficiency of your current software in order to obtain optimal results. Based on native APIs, we provide our own product enhancements to boost the functionality of original products. Today, we would like to further discuss our Enterprise Document Center, which is a top-of-the-line CCM solution created as a cross-platform.

What Is The Enterprise Document Center?

Developed for small, medium, and large business enterprises, this platform streamlines work processes related to document generation and digitizes manual work steps. Through these processes, your company receives a customized digital workplace that suits your unique business needs.

Why Do You Need Document Automation?

Document automation helps every single aspect of your organization by automating regularly generated high-volume documents, such as bills and statements. Our automation process improves customer-related documents and helps encourage existing customer loyalty. By correcting and updating your content, this platform helps your business maintain its integrity. In fact, you can even keep control of your brand by standardizing its terminology. Your documents can be produced in multiple languages and currencies and structured specified by local legal regulations using this platform.

User Access Control

Your company will most likely want to control the access of users to the types of files that they can view, create, or modify. Access is determined through the user’s role in the company, including factors such as authority, competency, and responsibility. The Enterprise Document Center creates different user roles and each user is provided the appropriate level of access to important company information. For instance, the “admin” role includes the highest level of access, with the ability to create and edit user groups, assign user roles, job category access, and functionality.


Using this system, you can send sort processed and bundled processed documents to different mailing machines depending upon the minimum amount of sheets per envelope that the machine can handle. This helps your business save on distribution costs by optimizing the number of sheets placed into each individual envelope. You can even insert additional pages and split output data depending upon postal codes or other specific criteria.  

Benefits To Your Business

User-Friendly Setup

Setting up our Enterprise Document Center is fast and easy, and our professionals at Ecodocx offer your business support every step along the way.  Not only does this platform offer a relatively painless setup, but you can access this solution pack anytime and anywhere. Our Enterprise Document Center can be used from any tablet, laptop or desktop, so that your company will experience less project and approval delays and open questions and unapproved actions will be drastically reduced.

Email Notifications

When documents that require approval are created or modified by users, specific users receive email notifications. This allows for authority figures to review the specified document prior to publication, which reduces document optimization costs significantly.


Using this platform, you can create customized messages for different customer types, increasing customer loyalty. Customers can be sorted into different lists, determined by age, location, shopping history, or other relevant information. Customized documents featuring useful or helpful information can be sent to these specific groups.

Marketing Campaigns

Our user-friendly solutions provide your employees with the resources to create personalized micro and macro marketing campaigns, both short and long term. The platform allows to use pre- approved templates and forms to provide you with the highest-quality customer communication tools.

Document Preview

Because this platform is so user-friendly, your employees can easily create customized marketing campaigns and other customer-friendly documents. When you use our document center, you can drastically reduce rates of customer recall by delivering documents that are easy to read and understand.

On Demand

When a single group of customers needs to be contacted quickly and easily, your company will have access to a library featuring ready-to-use templates. These templates are linked to our document approval system so that you always provide your clients with a highly professional document at any time.

Automatic Output Management

Our solutions provide your business with the tools to set up anything related to the settings you need to automatically generate documents. Therefore, your documents can be created in less time and delivered in a more efficient manner, which reduces the demand on your IT staff.

Save Both Time And Money

Does your company need a user-friendly solution easily creates professional documents while reducing delivery costs? Our solutions can help your company reduce customer recall rates and reduce non-payments and late payments. Cut down on unnecessary costs by contacting Ecodocx today. We’ll help you with Customer Communications Management as well as with Enterprise Document Management. Our experienced professionals work hard to help you reduce expenses and increase efficiency.

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